Virginia Tech Pre-Dental ASDA

Mission Statement

The Pre-Dental Club of Virginia Tech University is designed to prepare the students of Virginia Tech for a career in dentistry. Each officer is chosen democratically and the bi-weekly meetings are arranged at the convenience of the pre-dental students. The meetings are designed to promote fellowship amongst pre-dental students through motivation and excitement about the dental profession. Through the course of the year, topics encompassing the entire field are covered. The club advises its members on the class requirements and electives that should be taken in preparation for dental school. Also, the club educates its members on the application process, interviewing process, and dental aptitude examination. On special occasions, guest speakers including dental administrators, private practitioners, professors, pre-health advisors, and specialists are invited to the meetings. Overall, the pre-dental club of Virginia Tech is designed to equip undergraduates with an interest in the field of dentistry with the knowledge and resources for entrance into dental school. 

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